At Stereofy we strongly believe that audio and voice play an important role to overcome social distance, stay productive and keep on track with lifelong learning. We are on the mission to stereofy the world and we are inviting you to join us.

In times where we all are facing the COVID-19 pandemic and thus are affected by social-distancing our mission becomes even more important. We are proud to work on a response to that global situation.

Stereofy your Life
Stay connected with your friends and family, learn from each other and from people with special expertise. Recast to start a conversation and discuss interesting topics in deep detail.
Stereofy your Work
Alignment with your team and colleagues as well as understanding each others ideas, approaches and vision is key for a productive work environment and mutual growth and success.

Both, work and life, are fostered by education and lifelong learning that are the drivers behind wealth and prosperity. Let´s work on a better world for us all.

Stereo for you,